Saturday, 12 December 2009

Just updating with some scribbles that i've been churning, these are on...Paper..gee
With the old biro, because im reckless..and...dangerous...okay i couldnt find a pencil, ANYWAY.
Had a couple crazy ideas, need to wait until a certain postman delivers me some goody goods before I can confirm 100% whether its possible...quite excited about this actually.
Progress = Still Developing a decent solid story, and still very basic initial designs.
On the design side, i'm still not certain what I want him to look like, Is he a rough bite his own feet off to survive guy?? or some terribly amateur old fart who shivers at the very mention of the name "Bear Grylls". I do quite like the beardy guy in last place down there, but as I said..i'm not sure whether you would connect with a tough old man as much as the cowardly hero guy...graghh, decisions!!
Anyway, comments, crtiques etc appreciated

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