Sunday, 6 December 2009

First Post

As a requirement for this project..and a mini-guilt trip into me posting here, i've decided to make a blog to keep up with progress over the next few weeks/months etc.

I have chosen to go down the directors path, and chosen the short animated film option, meaning no daylight for the next six months.
My short film will look at an elderly man's last trip/effort of finding a mythological creature [namely the abominable snowman], and it will follow his various struggles and mishaps over a series of quick time-lapsed clips. It may be set in Antarctica and around 1920, after various expeditions such as Captain Scotts, have taken place.

Extremely early speed photoshop-spit concept doodle, just needed to get something down visually, my brain cannot comprehend this many words

Hope I manage to actually pull this off, I really need to sleep, and should not be making blogs. May do some more quick digi scribbles in photoshop [and now i've said it on here, I almost HAVE to do it....]


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