Friday, 18 December 2009

Pushing some faces about, ended up colouring some in photoshop,
Feedback/Preferences etc would be awesome..
P.S I realise the bottom one looks like he's carrying a MASSIVE Weetabix... :D

Tying up story right about now. Think I have a decent amount to work off of, enough to get started on other things anyway, development throughout will obviously still apply.
I have decided to develop this initial character design:
[coloured him so this page doesnt get repetitive, this may be an accurate representation of my colour palette..] So yeah, gonna push him about a bit...thats easy to do to an elderly man, i doubt hell put up much of a fight
Hopefully post up some further designs ..I am currently working on that now so...laters

Sunday, 13 December 2009

More and more and more and MOAR...All in the favoured biro, coloured quickly in photoshop - as they didnt scan too brilliantly, need to configure scanner a bit better. No advance on story at all, need to sleep.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Just updating with some scribbles that i've been churning, these are on...Paper..gee
With the old biro, because im reckless..and...dangerous...okay i couldnt find a pencil, ANYWAY.
Had a couple crazy ideas, need to wait until a certain postman delivers me some goody goods before I can confirm 100% whether its possible...quite excited about this actually.
Progress = Still Developing a decent solid story, and still very basic initial designs.
On the design side, i'm still not certain what I want him to look like, Is he a rough bite his own feet off to survive guy?? or some terribly amateur old fart who shivers at the very mention of the name "Bear Grylls". I do quite like the beardy guy in last place down there, but as I said..i'm not sure whether you would connect with a tough old man as much as the cowardly hero guy...graghh, decisions!!
Anyway, comments, crtiques etc appreciated

Thursday, 10 December 2009

More intial shabazz-ing-a-ling...drawings, drawing..anyway..erh...DERRRUH
Nothing exciting to report, talk with tutors tomorrow may possibly reveal something more relevant to blog about
OH..have been playing with Snow in 3dsMax, when I get a decent looking render together, I will post.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Been spitting out a couple of photoshop scribbles for initial designs, entirely in photoshop, may crack out a sketchbook...ACTUAL paper?!...mmm, yeah, may be a bit looser on that.
I am rather liking this latest one, going to start pulling around some shapes, and look at some influence. Also thinking that the hood holds A LOT of potential, can pull that around forever, perhaps turning the hood into shapes to reflect his emotions/state etc, like it is part of him.

I have been brainstorming possible outcomes to the end of this story, and a story is actually starting to come together.
I'm definitely going with the time-lapse idea for the main chunk of it, and have been contemplating over what I can include in these mini scenarios he's going to be getting into.
The feel of the scenes that I'm going for is for the audience to look at it, and hesitate to laugh, because of shock value and what not.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

I said I was going to do them, I don't lie
all speedpaints, around 5-10 minutes each, just to get a general colour palette, quite like the muddiness of no.2, no that is not a poo joke

First Post

As a requirement for this project..and a mini-guilt trip into me posting here, i've decided to make a blog to keep up with progress over the next few weeks/months etc.

I have chosen to go down the directors path, and chosen the short animated film option, meaning no daylight for the next six months.
My short film will look at an elderly man's last trip/effort of finding a mythological creature [namely the abominable snowman], and it will follow his various struggles and mishaps over a series of quick time-lapsed clips. It may be set in Antarctica and around 1920, after various expeditions such as Captain Scotts, have taken place.

Extremely early speed photoshop-spit concept doodle, just needed to get something down visually, my brain cannot comprehend this many words

Hope I manage to actually pull this off, I really need to sleep, and should not be making blogs. May do some more quick digi scribbles in photoshop [and now i've said it on here, I almost HAVE to do it....]