Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Oh snap, finally have a render worthy of showing

"this time there's snow joke! I thought this one was very n-ice and gave me chills when I saw it." - Ren Manuel

Yeah a render....bam, full size for all the snowy goodness, gotta work on the skin, but this isnt too far off. All procedural, no mapping. Badabing

Better start doing this bloggermajig again. Uhm, basically finished the organisation of all the shots and layed them up in a sequence in premier, some have animation..and hopefully by end of the week/weekend, i should have them all done....eep...promises.

Anywho, heres the sequence [this is also for my animating team to pick shots from]

Short Film - V.2 Terrible pass x 2 from Liam Grice on Vimeo.

Updated version. No.2