Thursday, 24 February 2011

Decided to re-do the head, I felt he was straying too far away from the concept, so I sorted that. hopefully when the eyes get in there, and the face paint etc, it should be spot on, the concept still doesnt work 100% in 3d, but this is about as close as it will get, regarding proportions etc.

Ive been working on his armour and accessories that i'd been ignoring the arms, so these guys got a makeover, sculpted, then re-topologized. Think it came out great, re-topologizing is a nice "art" tool, you think more about the flow of the model without having the reposition every vert.
So heres the sculpt, with the new wire underneath, cant wait to see what the normal looks like on it, but I need to add some more details, big steroid-y veins etc XD...