Thursday, 28 April 2011

As well as the character, vehicle and asset/level bits, i'm responsible for the games frontend stuffs - the HUD, menu, labels, icons etc etc, to basically give it a higher level of professionalism, and make it feel like "our" game.

I had a play about with scaleform, built 3 menu systems that didnt work [they just didnt want to communicate with the udk at all] but in the end, found out how they transfer data between each other, thus these ^.
99% of the code work, however, goes to Dann, for making blank buttons actually do things [i managed to get it to load up our level when you hit start, but im completely out of my depth with anything else. Learned a hell of a lot from watching him sort it out though] In the video hes linked the character/vehicle selection buttons to actually select them and save them, so when you choose start, the game loads with whichever character/vehicle you have selected, neat.

The bottom lil bit is what ive been doing this morning, I can't even begin to think when the last time I vectored something was, good fun anyway. Its a basic template for the manual, in-game display of controls, and a lil poster we'll print for the end of year show.

It's nice to see everything coming together, never thought i'd be as chilled out as I am now, still a fair bit to do, but we nailed a lot very early on, so now its just a case of polishing everything. Cant wait for the exhibition.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Set up a shiny render of Christ, [is sick everywhere] rendering an unfinished lowpoly characters in "HD" resolution just doesnt seem logical. Give me a month and i'd make a high poly scuplt, then render that.
^ This is non-sensical, ah well, has to be done apparently.

For our business module, we are required to build a website, here is mine
Tried making it fancy, covered from top to tip in grunge, then decided against it. This showcases my work, and nothing else. I don't think potential employers really care what font my name is in, or if a dancing brick introduces my work, so I went for a simple, clean, "here is my work, look at it" approach.

Its not fully functional, but I'm working on a photoshop work flow to format my work automatically and upload it in a blink, it should be easy enough, however, I'll worry about that when my work is "good" enough to display, it would be a completely pointless exercise spending hours rendering/formatting/coding stuff that is not going to be used. Measure twice, cut once etc

anyway here's the earl:

I also doubt ill be purchasing a host name any time soon, ".webs" is hardly an annoyance to type up/add to contact information etc, so I'm relatively satisfied as of this moment.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Some character progress, nothing exciting.... *is excited*

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I found some free mo-caps, some were just bizzarre...^^
 from now on, these are my deformation tests, so full of win
Still a tiny issue here and there with the skinning, quite suprised it came out like it did to be honest o_o


Spent yesterday vomiting assets, here are the results. Made a flag, with dynamic cloth, a Vegas style arrow sign, the bulbs turn on and off intermittently, and a banner, the texture page holds five different banners, so all that is needed for a different one is to move the uv's down [as demonstrated at the bottom]
I think from now on I'll try to post everything I can in the game engine viewer, seems nicer that way, much better representation of what it's to look like.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Long time no blog blah blah, been too busy to even think about showing things to the internet.
Current stage, Vehicle and Character roughly 80/90% done, can have a chill and just polish now

Ill break down the progress of each:

Character, roughly 90% done, needs some nice spec/gloss/emissive maps on there, got hold of a good sss shader for the udk but it crashed, will sort it out later, and just general polishing of the diffuse, I need to try to get rid of the mirroring [where obvious]
Its all skinned [to a decent enough level] so its going to be easy enough to port over into the game, again, a little touch up of polish here and there.
EDIT: Credit for the bulk of the tats goes to Francois

Vehicle, roughly 85%ish done, sorted diffuse, for the most part. Its all "skinned", meaning the suspension etc reacts correctly in game. Same applies for this with a good polish and some decent spec maps. Got emissive working for headlights/brakes.

Will upload in game Vids soon, screengrabs really arent doing it justice.