Wednesday, 27 April 2011

For our business module, we are required to build a website, here is mine
Tried making it fancy, covered from top to tip in grunge, then decided against it. This showcases my work, and nothing else. I don't think potential employers really care what font my name is in, or if a dancing brick introduces my work, so I went for a simple, clean, "here is my work, look at it" approach.

Its not fully functional, but I'm working on a photoshop work flow to format my work automatically and upload it in a blink, it should be easy enough, however, I'll worry about that when my work is "good" enough to display, it would be a completely pointless exercise spending hours rendering/formatting/coding stuff that is not going to be used. Measure twice, cut once etc

anyway here's the earl:

I also doubt ill be purchasing a host name any time soon, ".webs" is hardly an annoyance to type up/add to contact information etc, so I'm relatively satisfied as of this moment.

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