Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Long time no blog blah blah, been too busy to even think about showing things to the internet.
Current stage, Vehicle and Character roughly 80/90% done, can have a chill and just polish now

Ill break down the progress of each:

Character, roughly 90% done, needs some nice spec/gloss/emissive maps on there, got hold of a good sss shader for the udk but it crashed, will sort it out later, and just general polishing of the diffuse, I need to try to get rid of the mirroring [where obvious]
Its all skinned [to a decent enough level] so its going to be easy enough to port over into the game, again, a little touch up of polish here and there.
EDIT: Credit for the bulk of the tats goes to Francois http://inkedspilled.wordpress.com/

Vehicle, roughly 85%ish done, sorted diffuse, for the most part. Its all "skinned", meaning the suspension etc reacts correctly in game. Same applies for this with a good polish and some decent spec maps. Got emissive working for headlights/brakes.

Will upload in game Vids soon, screengrabs really arent doing it justice.

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