Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Been spitting out a couple of photoshop scribbles for initial designs, entirely in photoshop, may crack out a sketchbook...ACTUAL paper?!...mmm, yeah, may be a bit looser on that.
I am rather liking this latest one, going to start pulling around some shapes, and look at some influence. Also thinking that the hood holds A LOT of potential, can pull that around forever, perhaps turning the hood into shapes to reflect his emotions/state etc, like it is part of him.

I have been brainstorming possible outcomes to the end of this story, and a story is actually starting to come together.
I'm definitely going with the time-lapse idea for the main chunk of it, and have been contemplating over what I can include in these mini scenarios he's going to be getting into.
The feel of the scenes that I'm going for is for the audience to look at it, and hesitate to laugh, because of shock value and what not.

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