Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Just reviewing the brief for this project, nothing too exciting. This is more of a quick reference for me to lookup, I spend more time on the internet than looking at the briefs.

"Your Production Folder should include:
  • Initial research
  • Design & Development:
  • Source material for textures, lighting, etc
  • Model Pack
  • Final Colour pre-viz Artwork/Macquettes
  • Production Tasks Breakdown, Technical Requirements, Schedule & Charts, Roles & Budgets
  • Production Values"

I have been doodling today so i'll get those up later.

Thus far, on a percentage level of completion of where I am [vehicle and character]
I am something along the lines of:

Research and Source Material Gathering: 40%
Concept and development: 60%
Model pack and Turnaround: 20%
Final Pre-vis: 0%

Research and Source Material Gathering: 80%
Concept and development: 50%
Model pack and Turnaround: 10%
Final Pre-vis: 20%

Obviously I cant continue onto pre-vis before i've decided on the character/vehicle etc, but aside from that I'm just going to keep on chugging the work out.

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